The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!

The second round of the Club Battles at Nimbasa Town continue as Georgia orders Pawniard to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy. Snivy manages to gain consciousness at the last second and dodge the attack once again and attacks using Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm, defeating Pawniard and giving Ash the win of the first match. Georgia and Iris have another verbal brawl. In the second match, Dino wins against Antonio. In the third match, Cilan sends out Stunfisk against Luke’s Larvesta, who ultimately wins the third match. The final match of the second round is Iris vs. Stephan, who sends out his Sawk, which is male, while Iris sends out her Emolga. Emolga starts off with Attract while Sawk counters with Close Combat. Sawk then uses Bulk Up while Emolga uses Hidden Power which is countered by Double Kick. Emolga uses Hidden Power again which makes a direct hit. Sawk uses Close Combat but gets paralyzed by Emolga’s Static ability. Emolga finishes with Volt Switch taking out Sawk and giving Iris the win thus concluding the second round. The semi-finals will soon begin with Ash facing Dino and Iris facing Luke.