The Brockster Is In!

On their way back to Twinleaf Town, Ash, Dawn, and Brock are to part ways soon. Meanwhile, being on a ship, Team Rocket, in a submarine enrage a group of Tentacruel. Team Rocket manages to come on the ship, which Ash, Brock, and Dawn are on. Due to this, before calming down, the Tentacruel badly poison 7 Pokémon on board. Nurse Joy was too far from the ship to be able to reach in time and help the sick Pokémon. With her not there, Brock tries to save them. Despite Team Rocket leaving only one Pecha Berry and with no poisoning antidotes, Brock, Ash, and Dawn don’t give up. Asking other passengers on the ship, they are able to find 2 more Pecha Berries, some Heal Powder and a Lava Cookie is also given to them by an old female passenger. Brock makes medicine with the ingredients for the sick Pokémon. 6 of the Pokémon begin healing, but Pichu being harshly affected by the poison of the Tentacruel, the medicine is not able to help it heal. Brock makes an energy drink with some Oran and Durin Berries, but Pichu, although very sick, denies to take the drink. Happiny, not able to see Pichu suffering, evolves into Chansey and using the move Softboiled on Pichu, begins healing it. All the 7 Pokémon are eventually cured of their poisoning. When Nurse Joy reaches the ship, she tells Brock he can become a great Pokémon Doctor, if he wants to. Hearing this, Brock decides to change his goals and goes for his new dream, becoming a Pokémon doctor.