Rematch at the Nacrene Gym

Ash trains with Tepig and Oshawott at the Nacrene City’s Pokémon Battle Club and trying to teach them more powerful moves. After successfully teaching Tepig Flame Charge and Oshawott Aqua Jet, he challenges Lenora for the Basic Badge once more, only to find out Lenora’s Lillipup has evolved into a Herdier. Ash sends out Tepig against Herdier once more, and he is able to hold his own against the powerful Pokémon until Herdier uses Roar to force Oshawott out again. Just like before, Lenora switches to Watchog and traps Oshawott with Mean Look. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet against Watchog, but misses, and is then struck by Confuse Ray. Confused, Oshawott is unable to attack and Watchog uses Thunderbolt, but Oshawott is now able to withstand the attack. He uses Aqua Jet again as Watchog uses Thunderbolt once more, knocking out both of them. Lenora sends out Herdier again and Ash sends out Tepig as before. With the Battle Club training, Tepig is able to dodge Herdier’s Shadow Ball attacks, until Lenora commands Herdier to use Giga Impact. Ash has Tepig use his Flame Charge, and after the two attacks collide, Tepig is the only one standing, winning the match. Lenora awards Ash the Basic Badge for defeating her, and after Ash heads to the Pokémon Center, he learns that the next Gym is in Castelia City.