Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!

Dawn decides to start training for the next Pokémon Contest with Mamoswine. However, the Twin Tusk Pokémon, despite having gotten over most of its obedience issues, still refuses to battle. Things turn from bad to worse when Pikachu and Piplup laughed at Mamoswine when it got hit in the head by ice chunks, causing it to run off into a forest, forcing Dawn to follow it. When they were in the forest, they spot a Tangrowth, which absorbs all the wild Pokémon’s energy. Strangely, the Tangrowth also gives a berry to the powerless Pokémon. So Dawn decides to follow it into the forest leaving Ash and friends outside. Then Dawn finds that the Tangrowth was just trying to zap the tree so that it can come alive. Then, Team Rocket also thinks of catching it, but Ash and friends stop them with Mamoswine learning Hidden Power. The Tangrowth says sorry and Grotle and Mamoswine help restore the tree.