Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!

Stopping on their way to Nimbasa City for a lunch break, Axew and Tepig discover Team Rocket’s Meowth unconscious in the bushes. The gang revive him back to health. When he wakes up, he explains that Team Rocket has fired him for botching an operation. They decide to take Meowth along for a while, but Pikachu is still suspicious of him. Shortly after, a Scrafty snatches Axew and runs off. They give chase but Scrafty threatens that if they get closer, bad things will happen to Axew. Meowth offers to negotiate the problem. Scrafty wants a Pokémon to battle him. They decide to distract Scrafty using Meowth and Scraggy while the gang secretly pull Axew out, and learn that the Scrafty’s home was taken by a wild Mandibuzz and that it asked for help from other Pokémon but they all refused, which is why Scrafty snatched Axew.