Joker: The Vile and the Villainous!

Teaser: Joker travels to the future and helps the Misfit defeat Kamandi and take over Tiger City’s Omega Warhead. After taking over Tiger City the Joker activates the warhead destroying the Earth.
Main Plot: Joker and the Weeper (a Bulletman villain who according to the Joker is the first super villain to use a signature in his crimes and was an inspiration to the Joker to become a costume villain) work together to defeat Batman and his new crime predicting machine. However, Batman takes back control over the episode and defeats Joker and Weeper much to Joker’s huge dismay.
Note: This episode was essentially taken over by Joker (until the end). As such, the roles of protagonist and antagonist are reversed. Even the theme song is a “Jokerized” version, with several of his fellow criminals shown. However, the ending credits are the same as usual.