Chapter Twelve: Enter the Void

Korra agrees to give herself up to the Red Lotus to save the airbenders, but as she does so, her friends discover that Zaheer has already removed the hostages from the temple. Ghazan traps Tenzin, Asami, Mako, and Bolin with lava and flees with Ming-Hua, but Korra’s friends escape successfully thanks to Bolin’s new-found lavabending skills. Meanwhile, Lin, Suyin, and her metalbenders fight P’Li. Suyin breaks the deadlock by killing P’Li with the contained force of her own combustion-bending. Zaheer fights Korra and Tonraq, who is thrown off a cliff but saved by the metalbender captain Kuvira (Zelda Williams). Zaheer escapes with the unconscious Korra using his own newfound ability to fly.