Chapter Nine: Beyond the Wilds

In Republic City, Fire Lord Izumi and Tenzin refuse to endorse Raiko’s proposed offensive against Kuvira even after Bolin and Varrick bring word of her vine weapons research. Reacting to Kuvira’s harvesting of the spirit vines in the swamp, vines in Republic City begin to attack random people, Jinora included, trapping them in the Spirit World. Korra’s psychological trauma prevents her from meditating to enter the Spirit World. Unable to think of another way to let go of the fear that continues to handicap, Korra decides to confront the real Zaheer in his prison. Zaheer, disgusted with the rise of a tyrant like Kuvira, who stands as the antithesis to the philosophies of the Red Lotus, proposes to help Korra. He assists her in learning to pass beyond the trauma of her past hardships, and helps her step into the Spirit World, where Korra speaks with Raava for the first time in many years. Using her restored ability to communicate with the spirits, Korra calms the volatile vines and frees Jinora and the other human captives. Meanwhile, Bolin attempts and fails to make up with Opal, but agrees to help her and Lin rescue their family.